Human Resource & Payroll

Human Resource & Payroll

The competitiveness and success of a business greatly depend on how it embraces human resource capital and in what way it realizes the benefits. Once an organization starts to assess the issues associated with HR management and implement necessary course of action to reap several benefits. HR professionals are constantly working on the ideas that can help them to deal with adaptability, change and communication like elements effectively. Our program will help in developing the right strategy in dealing with day to day decision making with greater effectiveness in any orgaznization. Our webinars connect you to leading workforce and HR management experts who deliver the latest insights on topics such as HR industry trends, recruitment, human capital, resource management, retention, skill-set and professional development and much more. Our online training webinars are the perfect solution for refreshing your HR knowledge from our leading subject matter experts. Sign up and listen to our live webinars and get a to the point answers to your queries from our experts during the concluding Q&A session. You can listen to a past event by purchasing presentation, instant downloads, CDs and digital transcripts.

How to improve emotional intelligence in the workplace
08 Mar 2018

How to improve emotional intelligence in the workplace -  We all have observed anxiety using one level or another. It could last for a few minutes, hours, days or months even. It usually happens whenever we try to find out existence after personal crisis, or when we pursue a demanding goal in transitional times.

Increase Your Productivity
05 Mar 2018

The preparation that you help to make at night for the day forward will have a massive effect about how successful you are.

We’ve talked many times about the need for thinking on paper with regards to goal-setting and making a clear plan for your future and that’s exactly what we want to do when preparing for your day ahead.

Time Wasters At Workplace
05 Mar 2018

5 Time Wasters At Workplace - Do you ever feel just like you can't ever get anything completed at work? Are there time wasters at work that are killing your productivity that you might not realize?

Make Your Employees feel Valued
25 Feb 2018

4 Simple Ways to Make Your Employees Feel Valued - Imagine a job where your projects isn’t appreciated, your effort goes unnoticed, and you could be replaced in an instant.

Not precisely a place you’d want to stay for very long, is it?

what makes a successful manager
25 Feb 2018

The 7 Things : what makes a successful manager - There’s nothing like having an excellent boss. Employees who experience they are getting and fairly maintained by their supervisors are more engaged successfully, more productive and are happier employees generally.

Employee Privacy rights
21 Feb 2018

Employee privacy rights are the rules that limit how an employer can search an worker’s belongings or person extensively; monitor their activities, talk, or correspondence.

19 Feb 2018

If you were to ask any organization about its idea of the perfect employee, a few of the following characteristics would make sure to feature - they should be passionate, proactive, innovative, risk takers and should treat the company’s business goals as their own. These characteristics would make this employee a perfect entrepreneur.

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