What is the difference between sales and marketing ?

03 Mar 2018

Difference between sales and marketing

Sales and marketing are interlinked and are aimed at increasing income closely. As sales and advertising are intertwined, it turns into hard to realise the difference between your two. In small companies, one cannot run into much difference between advertising and sales. But bigger companies have clarified variation between advertising and sales and they have specialised people handling them independently.

Well, how is that sales and marketing are different? In very simple words, sales can be termed as a process which focuses or targets on individuals or small groups. Marketing on the other hand targets a larger group or the general public.

Marketing includes research (identifying needs of the customer), development of products (producing impressive products) and promoting the product (through advertisements) and create awareness about the product among the consumers. As such marketing means generating leads or prospects. Once the product is out in the market, it is the task of the sales rep to persuade the client to choose the product. Well, sales means converting the leads or potential clients into purchases and buys.

While marketing is targeted at much longer conditions, sales pertain to shorter goals. Marketing consists of a longer procedure for creating a name for a brandname and pursuing the client to buy it even if you may not indeed they don't need it. While sales only involve a brief term procedure for finding the focus on consumer.

In concept also, product sales and advertising have much difference. Sales just targets changing customer demand match the item. But advertising goals on achieving the buyer demands.

Marketing could be called because a footboard for product sales. It creates underneath for a merchant to approach a customer. Marketing therefore isn't instant and it uses various methods like advertising, brand marketing, pr, immediate mails and viral marketing for creating a knowledge of the merchandise. Sales are interpersonal connections really. Sales involve one-on-one conferences, calls and networking.

Another difference that sometimes appears between marketing and sales would be that the previous involves both micro and macro evaluation focussing on proper intentions. On the other hand, sales pertain to the difficulties and relations with the customer.

Summary : Difference between sales and marketing

1.Sales target on individuals or small groupings. Marketing on the other hands targets a more substantial group o everyone.
2.Marketing means producing potential clients or leads. product sales means changing the leads or clients into orders and buys.
3.Marketing involves a protracted procedure for creating a name for a brandname and pursuing your client to get it regardless if you may not indeed they don't really require it. While sales just involve a short term of seeking the target consumer.

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