About Us

ProSkillEducator.com is a leading online training & learning platform for professionals and organizations in HR & Payroll, Education and technology sectors. We specialize in webinars, DVDs and e-transcript designed to enhance knowledge, improve skills, stay updated with current industry best practices, and boost profitability.

We have partnered with top certification bodies in the country to provide CEU credits to professionals who train with us.

Our webinars, led by top industry experts, contains relevant, concise and practical information to help professionals stay ahead in their career and organizations stay ahead of the competition.

We are culmination of everything related to the webinar, a platform exclusively for global professionals to synergize, share, exchange ideas, facts and information through webinars. We bring you a web site for your professional development and networking and designed it with the goal of making ProSkill Educator the one place you visit to access the latest thinking, the most innovative ideas, the best practices and the largest repository of products in latest industry information, trends, quality and compliance. They will equip you with the required skills with the highest level of satisfaction once you are through them. We believe in – Engage, learn & accumulate New Skills. Anytime. Anywhere; therefore, let us know your need and we’ll find a solution for you.

Our Vision

The prowess of the e-learning business has been established long enough across the globe. Great global minds are innovating, creating and experimenting with technology and its various aspects on a day-to-day basis. But the right platform to unite this vast pool of talent and knowledge to showcase their work, knowledge and views is absent. Recognizing this missing link, ProSkilleducator.com envisions being the most active community of best industry experts and subjects. It also aims at delivering a crisp insight of the industry. We seek ProSkilleducator.com to be the stage that empowers e-learning sector by bringing together the subject matter expertise and facilitating exchange of skills, ideas, information, news and facts.

Why Us

A skills gap develops when there is an inconsistency between the number of skilled workers and the number of skilled workers an organization demands. Spending money on training and developing current employees is one way organizations are trying to offset the skills gap effect on their business. Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report suggests that spending on corporate learning has grown over $70 billion in USA and $130 billion at global level.

The State of the Industry Report found that the top 5 areas of learning content are as follows:

  • Managerial and Supervisory
  • Profession or Industry Specific
  • Mandatory or Compliance
  • Processes, Procedures, and Business Practices
  • New Employee Orientation

ProSkilleducator.com is committed to working as an enabler to bridge the gap between supply and organizational demand for new skills and skilled worker. Our key features for online training delivery are;

  • Learn from the comfort of your home or office – no travel required.
  • Educate your whole team for less than the cost of travel for one person.
  • Live knowledge sharing sessions on latest trending skills & technologies by industry experts.
  • We offer best training programs at best price from the industry's leading global experts.
  • Don’t waste time trying to decipher the latest regulations, compliance. Just tune in to the latest webinar for the latest regulations.

HR Certification Institute Approved Provider

The HR Certification Institute has designated “ProSkilleducator.com” as an approved provider of continuing education for certified professionals.

The benefit of this development is that individuals with a PHR/SPHR certification can earn credit toward maintaining their certification when they attend HR Certification Institute approved ProSkill Educator webinar programs. Having these pre-approved continuing education courses eliminates the guesswork for recertification candidates when planning their professional development activities.

The HR Certification Institute

HR Certification Institute is the leading independent, internationally recognized certifying body for the HR profession. Established in 1976, the HR Certification Institute awards certifications to professionals who meet minimum eligibility standards and pass a rigorous examination. HR Certification Institute testing requires professionals to demonstrate their expertise in both the underlying principles of HR practice and the real-world application of those principles. To remain certified, individuals must fulfill continuing education requirements or demonstrate their current knowledge of the profession through retesting. The HR Certification Institute is an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management. 

Approved Provider Status

HR Certification Institute Approved Providers undergo a thorough application and review process and submit to HRCI extensive information about their organizations' continuing education programs. Through being elevated to Approved Provider status, ProSkilleducator.com may determine and publish PHR, SPHR and GPHR recertification credit hours using the established criteria. The HR Certification Institute believes that pre-approved events meet the highest standards in the continuing education industry. 

Look for the HR Certification Institute Approved Provider seal throughout this training catalog for programs approved for recertification credit hours.

SHRM Approved Recertification Provider

"proskilleducator.com" is recognized by SHRM to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.  Our program is valid for PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM. For more information about certification or recertification, please visit www.shrmcertification.org