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JOB Roles/Functions - ProSkill Educator provides plethora of online assessments. The assessments are tailored to different job roles, ranging from positions in Accounting and Finances to Software, Engineering and Marketing. These tests will provide you a sectional and skill-based analysis with actionable insights which will help you streamline the pre-hiring process.


Our Leadership Assessments are built to cater to all the CXO-level positions. The highly sophisticated test includes cognitive ability assessment, aptitude assessment and psychometric assessment to give you actionable insight about the candidate's leadership and managerial qualities.


Accounting tests have been specially designed to cater to the pre-hiring assessment for the job roles of finance consultants, accountants and controllers. The test will help you assess the candidate's ability to interpret reports and statements, and quantitative aptitude in a detailed analysis with actionable metrics

Test available - Accounting Principles Test, Aptitude test for accounting Jobs, Problem solving skills assessment


Online Assessments on Finance covers a wide variety of requirements including Financial Aptitude Test, Finance Beginner's Test, and Finance Manager Test. These tests have been designed to identify areas of training an development, and to assess the problem solving, numerical and analytical skills of the candidates.

Test available - Finance Manager assessment, Equity Research Analyst, Corporate finance Advisory (Capital Markets), Microsoft Excel Test, Case analysis & decision-making skills

Software testing

Software Testing is a critical component of every snippet of code that goes into an app. Our Software Testing Assessment is geared at analyzing the efficiency and aptitude of testing codes in various programming languages, while providing actionable metrics on how the smart the coder is in finding loopholes in your system

Software testing Test Available

Core Java Developer Assessment, SQL Developer Basic Level, Java Developer Assessment (Intermediate Level), QA Engineer Assessment (Intermediate Level), C++ Developer Assessment (Intermediate Level), Mainframe Developer Assessment (Intermediate Level), Mainframe QA Analyst Assessment, Programming Skills with C Assessment, Automation Testing with QTP, Automation Testing with Selenium, Java JSP Developer test, Programming skills with Python Test, Mean Stack Developer Assessment, Manual Testing Assessment (Basic), Full Stack Developer Assessment, Programming Skills test, Technical & Quantitative Aptitude test, Java developer Assessment (Advance level), React JS Front end web development Test, Automation Testing (Basic), Automation Testing with ETL, Performance Testing with Loadrunner, Performance Testing with JMeter


Business Intelligence/Data

Business Analytics Assessments will help you find candidates who can effectively perform market research, carry out competitive research, procure data and perform related analysis and recommend the next course of action. The tests have been designed to assess the aptitude of the candidate along with skills in business intelligence and analytics in a detailed report with actionable data

Test available –Test for big data analyst, SAS Skill test, Assessment for business analyst, Data interpretation skill test, Data science test, Big data engineering test, Numerical reasoning assessment

Digital Marketing

Our Assessments on Marketing have been specially developed to assess a marketing manager's acumen, along with accurately identifying the areas of talent and development. The tests will help you measure advertising skills, leadership quality, and passion for results in an actionable format

Test available – Marketing Manager Assessment, SEO Skill test, Google adword skill test, Digital Marketing test, Assessment for content writer, Social media marketing test.


Our suite of online tests for candidates in Sales provides a comprehensive insight to the candidate's understanding of B2B and B2C processes, while maximizing output. Psychometric assessments are also carried out as part of the test to ensure cultural compatibility. These tests are highly effective for sales and marketing managers, especially in FMCG and Retail

Test available – B2C Sales potential Assessment (Entry level), B2B Sales potential Assessment (Experienced), B2C Sales potential Assessment (Experienced), B2C Customer Focus Assessment, B2B Customer Focus Assessment, Corporate Communication Skill Test, Sales skill test for Sales manager

Test Types - ProSkill Educator provides an extensive inventory of tests systematically categorized into different types including technical, psychometric, aptitude, vocational skill and simulated assessments. The tests cater to a wide range of candidates and have been specially designed to provide the maximum actionable insight about every candidate

Psychometric Assessments

Our Psychometric Assessment Suite has been developed after extensive research and provides a very important metric about any candidate: cultural fitness with the employer and company. Introducing psychometric test in pre-hiring process has been known to reduce attrition, and Psychometric Assessments are geared at all employers looking for potential hires.

Test available – Personality Profiler, Learning Agility Assessment, Leadership Assessment, Employee Engagement Assessment, Exit Interview assessment, HR Manager Assessment

Aptitude Test

Our Cognitive tests are designed to help you gauge the potential of the candidate and the ability to grasp new concepts which are crucial to his role as an employee in the organization. The tests measure quantitative aptitude, verbal and reasoning skills. These tests have been developed keeping in mind the requirement of the employer while hiring Fresher and Interns.

Test available – General Aptitude test, Technical & Quantitative Aptitude test

Simulation-Based Test

Simulator-based tests are unique interactive tests specially designed by ProSkill Educator to assess the problem-solving and aptitude skills of the candidate. In these tests, an abstract comprehensive article is provided to the candidate, based on which he is allowed to ask certain questions and draw conclusions. The simulators can be coding, case-study, coding or writing, and can help you hire employees based on the scores.

Test available – Case Analysis & Decision-making skills

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